Meta: The Culture of IPL

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Letter from the director below:

Hey everyone,

First off, I want to thank you for viewing this film. Whether you watched it for free or paid for it, I hope that you enjoyed it. If you did enjoy it, why don’t you check out my other works? There is tons of great stuff coming and I hope you will be around for that.

There is a peculiar problem with short films. Most filmmakers love making them, as they are a bit easier and cheaper than a full fledged feature film. However, the issue of sustaining a life based on putting out short films is pretty much non-existent. With places like iTunes requiring an aggregator to get your film on to iTunes, and those aggregators binding filmmakers to contracts that can sign up to 75% of profits away, it becomes hard to even recoup the money invested in a short film.

While I may never get on iTunes or Amazon, my hope is to do something new. I hope to create micro-patronage. If you like my work and want to see me do more, you can donate and rest knowing that I’ll be able to move forward on my next project. This means that the people involved in this film will get something for their hard work and dedication, even if it isn’t much. It also means that the cast and crew involved in my next film will also get paid for their hard work and dedication. It allows me to move forward and to keep producing work.

In return for your small contribution, you’ll get HD DRM-free downloads of all of this film, as well as bonus content like music, production photos and exclusive essays. Not a bad deal at a pay what you want price point. Plus you’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes content and get to know the cast, crew and myself.

On average, there are over 650,000 hours in the life of a human. You spent a microscopic fraction of that watching my film. It means the world to me. If you felt that the fraction of time you spent on my film was worth anything, please buy the film or (if you’re feeling a bit more generous) donate via the Vimeo Tip-Jar feature or via the Gumroad store. It will help me move forward in my career and put out other works that, hopefully, you will want to spend another fraction of that 650,000 hours on.

Thanks again.


If you can not buy via Gumroad due to lack of credit card, please Paypal me at or use the Vimeo tipjar feature. I will then send you a link to the download package.

Meta: The Culture of IPL
Directed and Produced by: Adam Evans
Music by: CSSC
Edited by: Hunter Siede
Sound by: JD Sacharok
Cinematography by: Matt Piechowski and Jared Reneker
P.A: Liz Knight

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