Does your business have a holistic view of trust? 4min seed

By Mike Gordon, CEO, Callcredit Information Group

How to widen the amount of data to gain insight while delivering a real-time customer experience

Consumer behaviour is evolving, being driven by advancements in technology and the convenience and flexibility it offers. Digital channels such as web, mobile web and mobile apps have become increasingly popular channels for interactions. They can offer consumers the ability to do things instantly, on the move, at any time of day and from anywhere in the world.

As interactions with consumers become faster and more remote, establishing digital trust becomes increasingly challenging and can present fraudsters with opportunities to exploit weaknesses in new technology. Firms must take a holistic approach to digital trust, tapping into a wide variety of information about consumers to protect both the firm and the consumer against fraud. The challenge faced by most organisations is how to widen the amount of data to derive insight from while delivering a real-time customer experience.

Callcredit is expert in data and technology. We hold and load vast quantities of data, using modern technology to extract real-time insight and value. We are experts in delivering holistic digital trust across all types of consumer interactions.

Callcredit is also on the side of the consumer. We believe that consumers should take more control of their own data and digital identity. In 2012, Callcredit launched the UK’s only free for life credit report service. We encourage anybody who hasn’t already done so to make use of this free service to check and take control of their own data.

○ Consumer behaviour is changing which is driven by their use of digital channels
○ Holistic view of trust is essential to fraud prevention
○ In the future consumers will be able to take control of their own data and identity

Businesses need to take a holistic approach to be able to identify and protect consumers

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