IPhone Insurance – 3G – What is Needed Within a Policy?

If I can give you guys one tip on obtaining iPhone 3G insurance in the UK, it would be DO NOT go with the high street providers. Why not? Because they have a monopoly on the market and they are more than likely to force you to pay a premium.

I think we all know that the 'high street' providers are taking advantage of many uneducated consumers, since why within this article I am going to briefly touch on whats is required from your independent insurer. I am glad to let you know that identical policies can be purchased over the internet for up to 50% less than on the high street. But how do you know you are not getting ripped off?

Some of the independent insurance companies may come across as a bit on the 'amateur' side. Their websites seem like they were knocked up in 10 minutes, and policy details are unusually hard to find! So, I would make sure that they are FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulated and offer most, if not all of the following:

1. Fraudulent Call cover
2. Water damage
3. Theft cover
4. International cover
5. Accidental damage cover
6. Free Address Book backup
7. At least 1 months free cover
8. I would not pay any more than £ 9 per month
9. Instant protection
10. You need at least £ 600 worth of cover for an iPhone 3G.

To summarize, I would definitely not be purchasing the 'high street' providers insurance product. Get online, get down and dirty and see what you can come up with. You might be pleasantly surprised! Just make sure the 'magic 10' listed above are all part of your policy.

Source by Danny Ward

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