E3 2015 Predictions

In just over a week E3 will be in full force and every gamer across the globe will be given something to look forward to. It's an exciting time to be a fan of big publishers, studios, and companies in the gaming business. In this article I want to focus in on Sony's conference and discuss what I expect to see, want to see, and do not want to. So let's get into it.

What we will most likely see?

Uncharted. Uncharted. Uncharted. Uncharted.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will be the biggest thing going into this year's conference and going out of it. You can expect to see someone on stage playing a chunk of the game live, followed by a new trailer or something of that nature. One thing they must do though, is announce an exact release date. No more beating around the bush, we've known about the game since 2013 and were counting on a 2015 release. This news alone will bring joy to thousands of PlayStation 4 owners. Give us something to mark on our calendar. I expect nothing short of greatness from Naughty Dog and I think that's exactly what they will deliver.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be predominately on display. This marks the first year Microsoft has not had exclusive rights to downloadable content since the franchise became a juggernaut. I expect the Call of Duty franchise to be a big deal at Sony's presentation, marking the end of an era, sorta. But I would not count Sony announcing that they now hold the rights to get downloadable content early. I'm not really convinced the Call of Duty franchise is in a hurry to get into another marriage.

Destiny will make another appearance at this year's E3. I do not expect a huge announcement. But you can guarantee to hear plans for future DLC and see some new gameplay. Maybe more planets or classes.

No Man's Sky will be at Sony's E3 conference and will be presented as a major release for the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately I think this is a bad choice. We've seen the game the past two years and while it looks interesting and beautiful, I'm not sold on it. Hello Games must show us more than flying around to different planets and walking around. I need to know what I'll be doing when I hop into No Man's Sky.

Indies, indies everywhere. This is the cold hard truth. While I have no complaints toward smaller games, but I do not need to believe they deserve a stage like E3. With nothing really known about Sony's 2015 conference, I think indies will be dominant more than ever this year.

What I want to see and what PlayStation 4 owners need to see?

I've put these two categories together simply because they blend so well together in my eyes. What I personally want to see is what they absolutely must do to avoid a poor E3 press conference and make people happy with their purchase of the PlayStation 4. Sony needs to round up all their amazing first party developers and let them show the world what they Have been working on.

Guerilla Games has been working on a new IP, which has been long rumored to be some sort of open world experience. Santa Monica is supposedly working on a new God of War sequel or reboot of some sort. Media Molecule most likely has something up their sleeve. Quantic Dream should be working on something. These are huge studios that have all put out amazing games for the PlayStation brand. It's time to step into the light and give us greatness. Sony must show us something, anything from these studios just to give us something to look forward to.

Bloodborne has been a fantastic game to play on the PlayStation 4 and it has been confirmed an 'expansion' will be coming. I think E3 would be a perfect time to announce the expansion and maybe how many units the game has sold and all that jazz.

Remind us why PlayStation 4 is the best console to play on. Tell us how many units have been sold, give us all the stats we want to hear. Make us feel good about ourselves. Show some improvements coming to the UI or announce a price cut or new bundle. Give your fans something to talk about.

Wild Cards

Project Morpheus may be shown in the presentation. But how much? I think we might get a new name and release window or maybe a price. I think a demonstration on stage would be a waste of time, it's easy to show someone playing it and not easy to convey it's coolness. Which is of course the morpheus' biggest problem.

Vita, It's been a long grueling rhode. It's time to Sony to put you to bed or sometimes pour new life into you. Announcing some new triple A 'titles for Vita would be totally surprised and bundling a Vita with the PS4 could be nice. This would be a huge thing, considering the PS4 does not have anything coming in the next six months, a Vita and PS4 bundle could be the answer.

Last but certainly not least is The Last Guardian. Which you of course close the show with. You put together a stellar stage demo and mic drop after it's done. This would be the largest thing at E3 and you do not even need to say anything after or give a date. Just show the game and leave.

Well those are my bold predictions. Most of them consist of making the best Sony Press Conference ever. But I will not hold my breath and am expecting the absolute bare minimum from them.

Source by Charles J Hines

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