A Credit Crunch Solution

If you are like me, then you probably find it obscene that honest, hard working people are losing their jobs and their home, due mainly to the irresponsible actions of the financial institutions, flooding the planet with toxic debt. Under normal conditions, people lose their jobs through some kind of self generated fault. If another job is not found quickly, then this could result in their house being repossessed, if they default on their mortgage payments. I worked for a company recently, which employed 60 people. Six were made redundant, one of which, was a middle aged lady. She was in tears and shaking. I found the incident disturbing and I had no words of comfort for her. The next day, I gave her a piece of paper with all the agencies I have used, with their phone numbers. Her mood changed instantly, it was almost as if I had given her a new job. I found this possibly more disturbing than seeing her in tears, as I thought she was going to kiss me. On the train home, I thought about this, and came to the conclusion that what the credit crunch really destroys, is not just jobs and homes, but hope. The destruction of hope is the worst destruction of all.

Around this time, by way of stark contrast, I met with a very wealthy friend of mine for lunch. He was complaining that his shares and other investments had been a hit and that he was in a bad way. He had paid off his mortgage some time ago, so he was not going to lose his huge house. He does not have to work as he has a passive income. I asked him what the problem was. Nearby, now he can not play golf quite as much as he would like and can only take three holidays a year instead of four. The credit crunch had not destroyed his hope, he just could not spend as much as he was used to. Again, the train home keep me time to reflect on these two totally different people. Neither of them are particularly more intelligent than the other, yet their circumances are worlds apart. I came to the conclusion that the passive income was the key. If you have a passive income, then you do not have to trade time for cash. So how to you generate a passive income?

Over the last three years or so I have been a fool for the many promises of making money on the internet. I have probably spent over a thousand pounds on e books, DVDs, and courses, all saying they would make me money, through using the internet. After three years, I decided it was time to stop wasting my money, as all these products just gave me what I call, information overload. I would often end up more confused, than before I read whatever new book I had bought. One day, I decided to have one last go at making money on line. I made a promise to myself that I would only look at free stuff, so I did. I found a chap who put it to me very simply. Find a product, put it on a website and direct customers to it. But I did not have a product to sell. So I started looking for one.

Purely by chance, I stumbled across something which caught my eye. It did not have reams of sales talk enticing you to buy, it simply asked you to play a video. The video shocked me by its simplicity. It was a product under something called "master resell rights". What this means is that the product is mine, so I can sell it as many times I want and keep all the profit, instead of taking a small commission. But now I had a product, I had to build a website. That was scary, until I looked at the second video on how to build a website. I built my website using Yahoos "sitebuilder" (which is free to download) It is so simple, that I asked my seven year old niece to build my second site for me, which she did. So now I had a product, a website with something to sell, but no customers. The third video explained very clearly how to drive customers to my site and buy. This requires time and effort. Nothing more.

If your boss informed you that to keep your job, you would have to work 50 hours a week instead of 40, what would you do? I think in this economic climate, most would say yes. So, can you give yourself 10 hours a week and work for yourself? Most people work 40 hours a week for 40 years for someone else, to end up with nothing. So what does this all boil down to. Hope. Hope that there is an alternative to the credit crunch. Hope that the link below, may be your way out of the credit crunch – as it was for me. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Please feel free to watch the video on my site. What ever your situation, never give up. The credit crunch is not your fault, but your reaction to it, can lead you out of it.

Source by Chris Rick Parsons

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