Paid in Full – God’s Desire to Heal the Sick through You

Traditionally, healing ministry has been seen as something rare—an expression of God’s power reserved for “special” or “gifted” people in the Church. What we’ve discovered, though, is that throughout the world, God is using untold thousands of “ordinary” Christians to minister healing in Jesus’ name…and He want’s to use YOU too!

We’ve interviewed more than 30 people who are actively involved in healing ministry—from internationally-known evangelists like Nathan Morris and Daniel Kolenda to a little boy in California who ministered healing to his mom. We’ve visited churches where healing is considered “normal”—from small churches you’ve never heard of to well-known churches, like Bethel Church in Redding, California. You’ll see people healed on the streets of America and in the bush of Uganda as “ordinary people” minister to each other in Jesus’ name.

Everywhere we’ve gone, we’ve asked the practical questions that you want to know. In some cases, the answers were as diverse as our interview subjects. But several common themes emerged that now bring a consistent message about: (1) how to get started in healing ministry, (2) how to see results, and (3) how to let Jesus shine most clearly as you love the people around you.

Imagine what could happen if every Christian understood how to minister healing in Jesus’ name. Our desire is to take this concept out of the realm of speculation and bring it into reality!

PAID IN FULL is not your ordinary documentary. Not only will we show you what’s happening throughout the world, but we’ll actually train you to do the exact same things in Jesus’ name. You’ll be encouraged to step out in faith to love people with the grace and power of Jesus Christ—specifically through healing ministry.

Here’s the report from the April 13th premier of our movie at Northville Christian Assembly in Northville, Michigan:

“WOW! Tonight’s premier in Northville, Michigan, was spectacular! At the end, one person after the next came up and testified to having been healed. We had people running up stairs and down the aisles, vision restored (a man got a nail in his eye on a mission trip several years ago and has felt like he’s been looking through a Coke bottle ever since, but tonight he could read a sign on the other side of the room!), several chronic conditions were healed, mobility was restored, and one man was waving his knee brace around in his hand while he testified about what God did! Jesus received all the credit and praise!”

Our expectation is that this film will inspire a generation of Christians to make healing ministry a normal function of the Church. Jesus paid for it with His own blood, and we believe He deserves everything for which He paid.

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