Some Common Complications Arising in Dog Pregnancy

Giving birth to some really beautiful, small puppies is not an issue for a day as a female dog has to bear a lot of complexities before finding her new ones. It bears stress, pain and variety of health disorders at this time. Moreover it needs you to be in and around her so that it can relax under your cozy lap. Being a responsible pet owner you should try to take proper care of her at this critical period of her time. As the whelping time approaches near the dogs show a strange behavior and start showing some distinct habits.

Their behavior only indicates that they are near the delivery days and you should be ready with all the basic amenities needed to cope up with this difficult yet pleasant time. Here you need to prepare a secluded nursing area in one of the warm corners of the house where usually the people do not go. The area that prepare should be quiet and clean and give a stress free environment while your beloved is challenging hard to come up with the young ones. Some of the complexities that you will observe at this time are;

1. Zoning-Out

This actually means that your cute female furry friend will look as if she is day dreaming and is just preparing for her labor pains. It is the time when they are highly stressed and worried about their expected pain.

2. Nesting

In this time you quaint pet will start becoming agitating and restless, it will move out the blankets and sometimes may start walking or barking even.

3. Clingy Behavior

It is an unusual kind of behavior that most of the female puppies show by following you at all the places. It is the high sign of their discomfort and you should now lead her to the reserved area. Try to sit next her and comfort her with your hands. It needs you care and wants you to be close to her.

4. Avoiding Behavior

Some of the female dogs try to escape and hide their selves but gradually she will also love to be with you only in her tougher time.

5. Lack Of Appetite

Mostly the dogs loose their appetite when they are in their labor time and strictly refuse taking food. This is a sign of labor only but you need not to lose the patience as your regular care will b ring back the lost appetite soon after the baby birth.

These are some of the complexities which you will come across when your dog is pregnant. Pay proper attention and try to be with her.

Source by Louise Harman

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