A warning about shady lightworkers… | Danielle LaPorte

Healers, magicians, followers…so much can go wrong. There are spiritual superhumans and TRULY luminous leaders. Some people DO work for the Light, others…others do their work in the shadows and make it look shiny.

So, don’t let mad metaphysical-skillz impress you. Again, I’ll say, the pure and gifted healers exist and I’ve been blessed to know some of them.

But Quality is so hard to identify in the energy space. You have to learn to see with both your heart and your intellect. Cultivate Faith while questioning ceaselessly.

It’s more important for you to believe in your powers of discernment than someone else’s healing powers.

And that’s some white hot truth.

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credit: Videographer – Gordon Wong | ordocreative.com

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