Alice – Madness return – Wonderland

Trailer for the video game “American McGee’s Alice : Madness Returns”.

Directed by Shy the Sun, at Passion Pictures.

Alice In Wonderland : Credit List

Shy The Sun Crew
Ree Treweek – Art Director
Jannes Hendrikz – Director
Linsey Levendall – Concept Artist
Nina Pfeiffer – Executive Producer
Stanley Segal – Modeller

Markus Wormstorm: Script development/original score/ sound design,

Production Company: Strange Beast

Passion Crew
Samantha Plaisted – Producer
Nicola Finn – Producer
Hannah Kluman – Production Assistant

Jason Nicholas – Head of CG
Neil Riley – VFX Supervisor

Ian Brown – Modeller
Raymond Slattery – Modeller
Mattias Bjurstrom – Modeller
Tom Bryant – Modeller
Mario Ucci – Modeller

Gabriel Loques – Texture Artist
Melanie Climent –Texture Artist
Nico Domerego – Texture Artist
Solène Chan-Lam – Texture Artist
Dean O’keeff – Texture Artist
Mattias Bjurstrom – Texture Artist

Julian Hodgson – Character TD
Chris Dawson – Character TD

Wesley Coman – Animator
Magali Barbe – Animator
Melanie Climent – Animator
Isabel Auphan – Animator
Steve White – Animator

Lukasz Pazera – Matte Painter
Max Dennison – Matte Painter
Melanie Climent – Matte Painter

Quentin Vien – Lead CG

Claire Michaud – Hair/ Shading Artist/ lead Lighting artist
Guillaume Cassuto – Shading Artist / Lead Lighting Artist
Jon Uriate – Lighting Artist

Jamie Franks – Lead VFX Artist
Sajjad Amjad – VFX Artist
Francois Pons – VFX artist
Dean O’keeff – VFX Artist

Niamh Lines – Compositor
David Lea – Compositor
Jonny Still – Compositor

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