How to Feel Better About Not Spending Money

The title seems somewhat strange does not it? People just love to spend money and why not? The ads all tell you that the people who buy their products are happy and problem free and that is a driving for behind the need to buy stuff. If you buy the things that makes those people in the ads act all happy and care-free then it must mean that you will feel the same way of you buy. If you do not buy then you will not feel happy. Do not you just hate how those ads manipulate you like that? Well, one way that you can be happy about not spending money and there saving money is to ask yourself why you want to buy the product in the first place.

Try to get the real answer and you will be very surprised to find out that you can not really come up with a satisfying answer. Try to remember that those ads were designed to persuade you to buy and once you figure that out, it will be that much easier to turn the other cheek and ignore the advertisement. This will take some getting used to at first but with some practice, you will get better at ignoring those ads and therey saving more money.

The next money saving tip is that if you get the urge to buy something, go home first and look at the things that you already have. You may want to buy a brand new red sweater but if you go home and check your closets, you may find a red sweater that is very similar to the one that you want. That eliminates the need for you to go out and spend money on that red sweater.

Also, another money saving tip is for you to do things that are fun for free. You can try to watch some movies online and you can even get to watch some of them for free. Instead of paying for a gym membership that you only remember to use when your pants feel tighter, why not go for a walk in the park instead? It is free and that is how you get to save money since those gym memberships sure to get pricy at times. Saving money does not have to make you feel miserable but it does take some getting used to at first so give it a try.

Source by Ivan Gordon

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