The Chase (music video)

The 1946 (public domain) film noir “The Chase” is a story of Chuck Scott, a World War II vet, who proudly wears a medal he earned for his duties in the Navy on his lapel. He finds a wallet belonging to Eddie Roman, a gangster living in a mansion in Miami. Roman’s right-hand man, Gino, is played very colorfully by Peter Lorre. When Scott returns the wallet, this act of honesty so impressed Roman that he offers him a job on the spot. Not knowing of Roman’s shady reputation, and being virtually penniless, Scott accepts. Roman’s desperately unhappy wife Lorna often asks Scott to drive her to the beach at night, where she just stares at the waves and dreams of escaping to Cuba. When she returns home, her husband locks her in her bedroom, so she will not leave him. One night, she confides her dream to Scott, and he agrees to buy her two tickets on a steam-ship, and safely escort her to Cuba.

In the next several scenes, they escape to Cuba, fall in love there, and Lorna is mysteriously stabbed to death in a bar. The police think Scott is the only possible suspect. As he is about to be arrested, Scott uses some quick thinking and escapes.

In the next scene, Scott wakes up dazed and confused. He calls a close friend from his days in the Navy, Cmdr Davidson, on the phone. He says “It’s happened again.” Davidson knows exactly what he means and tells him to report to his office as soon as possible. It turns out that Scott is subject to panic attacks, possibly brought on by the stress of battle, where he will forget everything, confuse reality with his dreams, and sometimes awaken in a strange location. Davidson and Scott pieces together through fragments of memories, that the earlier scenes in Cuba were just a vivid dream. Davidson says to Scott: “You haven’t been to Cuba in over 3 years.” However, they agree that the woman he remembers meeting in Miami is real. Scott has a distinct feeling that there was something important he had to do for that woman. Concerned, Scott spends every waking hour trying to patch together enough details to remember her name. Then he notices two tickets on a ship to Cuba in a pocket in his jacket. Finally, everything falls into place, and he remembers her and where she lives. After a fight and a chase (presumably where the film’s name comes from), during which time Roman and Gino both die, Scott and Lorna both escape to Cuba. They live happily ever after.

This version is about 16 and a half minutes. The original was 86 minutes.

Director: Arther Ridley

Robert Cummings as Chuck Scott
Michèle Morgan as Lorna Roman
Steve Cochran as Eddie Roman
Jack Holt as Cmdr. Davidson
Peter Lorre as Gino

* It is not clear who wrote the screenplay (which, incidentally, seems to have some mistakes in narraration), but the film credit is given to the Academy award-winning writer Philip Yordan. A recent article “The Philip Yordan Story” ( is well worth reading, if you are interested in details of the mystery.
* The actress Michèle Morgan (born Simone Renée Roussel) was very active in France but less active in Hollywood productions. I think she is currently living in France, in her nineties, but no longer accepting acting roles. She does a great job in this film and her American accent is perfect.
* Robert Cummings also had a long acting career, with his own TV show in the late 1950’s. In film, he played a supporting role in “Dial M for Murder”, the 1954 Hitchcock film starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly.
* In the mid-1950’s Arthur Ripley retired from directing and became UCLA’s first Professor of Cinema Arts. He remained there until his death in the 1960’s, taking only one break to direct Robert Mitchum’s “Thunder Road” in 1958.


Band: Hozonie
Album: Motherheart
Track: My love
license: CC by-nc-sa

Band: Atomic cat
Album: Music Box
Track: Come On
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website:, and

Band: Snooch88
Album: Techno/Trance
Track: Power of Polisynth
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