How To Make A Woman Orgasm Hard Every Time – 3 Tips You Can not Afford To Miss

Guys, remember the old phrase: 'it's not about quantity it's about quality'? Well, this fully applies when it comes to women. It's not about how long your session in the bedroom lasts. If it's really boring or unfullfilling the sheer length of it will only make it worse. It is the quality of the sex that makes her yearn for more and scream with delight. Statistics reveal that only one in four women out there achieves regular orgasm during sex and this is very damaging to a lot of men out there. It seems that a lot of guys simply do not know what they're doing! Read on to avoid being one of those guys. You will discover how to make any woman have the most amazing mind blowing orgasms. She will come back begging for more.

First of all make sure her exclusion levels are up and rising. Female climax is a slow and steady build and if you slowly build her up and keep and keep on going she will have the most amazing orgasm. The trick is to keep track of her arousal levels and the best way to do this is by checking how wet she it. If she is not very wet, then she needs more stimulation. Make her wet with your tongue, arouse her with your fingers and watch her reaction. Slow and steady foreplay wins the race.

Secondly, communicate with her. She needs not only physical stimulation but mental stimulation. She wants to feel like she is in a fantasy. Talk to her while you're stimulating her. Tell her she is sexy and that you're dying to be inside her, but that she can not have it yet. Make it exciting for her. Hold a little back and she will be begging for more.

Ask your woman what she likes, ask her where she likes to be touched. Listed to her moans as you are touching her. Watch the way her body moves. Read her physical reactions. Once you've learned what she likes to over and over and over. Do not fumble around in the dark, read her body language and listen to her and she is sure to be putty in your hands. You will make her orgasm every time.

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