Using Stealth Attraction To Meet And Attract Beautiful Women

Whether you like it or not, you have to have tight game if you stand any chance of meeting and attracting women. The majority of men (thankfully) have shocking game when it comes to scoring with the ladies. The fact that you're reading this article will give you an unfair advantage over other guys going forward, just with the tips you're about to learn.

I'm going to be sharing some effective strategies that are also known as "stealth attraction" methods and can take a normal conversation with a woman to a heated and sexually driven encounter. Let's say for example you're in a bar with some friends and you notice a beautiful girl sitting down. You can take the below techniques and build attraction with that girl in only 10 minutes.

Here they are:

Eye contact

When you're in a conversation, always make sure you use eye contact to build rapport quickly and show her that you're focused on her. Even if you're in a bar or club and it's extremely loud, make sure you keep the eye contact going but just move your head closer to hers, so she can her, it's THAT important.

Touch certain areas

There are parts of a woman's body that are very sexual and once touched correctly will make her all hot and bothered in a matter of minutes. Simply brush and touch her stomach, legs and the back of her hands … this will make her feel very comfortable around you.

Stroke her back

This works very well if you're in a club or bar sitting down with a woman. Let's say you've been speaking for a while and you decide to sit down. Take one arm and your fingers to lightly stroke (tickle) her back, no one apart from you and her will know this is going on, but it's still building comfort and rapport.

Make sure you practice

The cliche of "practice makes perfect" could not be more true and applies to pickup in several ways. Not only does it teach you very quickly what not to do with women, it also allows you to refine what is working and master it, until it becomes second nature. When I say "it" I mean anything that will make you more attractive to a woman, such as body language, eye contact, conversation etc.

So those are three very quick and simple, but powerful stealth attraction techniques. Take them away and practice them, you'll be 99% ahead of other guys out there that use the same old tricks to pull women.

Source by Rennie Larue

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