Miami-Dade County Regional Lobbyist Registration Portal

The following video demonstration shows how Accela’s Civic Platform can be leveraged to provide a regional One-Stop Shop lobbyist registration portal for Miami-Dade County and all participating incorporated cities within the County. This demonstration is focused on the public user experience, and shows as an example a user registering as a lobbyist for the County, City of Miami and Coral Gables within a single transaction, including payment.

The following points are covered in the demonstration (note: where there are time stamps below, the timestamps are links that forward to that topic in the video):

* Anonymous search for registered lobbyists and violation reporting (00:33)
* Creating an account and account management (00:56)
* Adding and updating registered addresses (03:15)
* Registering as a lobbyist in multiple agencies (e.g., Miami-Dade County, City of Miami, Coral Gables) via a One-Stop Shop application (04:23)
* Dynamic help text to assist applicant in understanding ordinances, terms and requirements (06:22)
* Save & Resume applications for completion at a later time (07:48)
* Adding CEU credits or certifications (e.g., City of Miami’s annually required Lobbyist Training refresher course) (08:12)
* Final application review and submittal (09:49)
* Paying different fees to multiple agencies in one transaction via credit card, ACH, or Trust Accounting (10:32)
* Tracking application approval status (11:40)

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