Get New Title Introduction Video

Thank you for choosing We now offer 2 convenient options:

Option 1 is or “Full service“option. (Starting at just $895.00), we will complete a theft report, salvage report and a comprehensive vin search. We will gather up all the required documents and submit the title application on your behalf. Your only responsibility is to submit your online application at and complete and return the documents that we send to you. And in about 6 weeks we will mail you your title.

The second option is our new low cost ($50.00) “Do it yourself” option. What you will receive is access to a detailed step by step instructional video that will walk you through the process of getting a title in your own state. You also will receive a complete transcript of the video along with sample documents that may be required by your state when applying for a title.

Now if for any reason you choose not or cannot complete the process on your own, then we will credit the “Do it yourself” fee towards Option 1, the “Full Service” option. And again, in about 6 weeks we will mail you your title.

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