How to Tell Your Wife You Want Her to Be a Hotwife

The chances are, if you're a man reading this then two things are true:

  1. You want your wife to be a hotwife
  2. You have no idea how to get the idea over to her in a way she'll respond positively.

Now, what what bloggers and the denizens of various forums would have you believe it's not the case every woman is going around harboring a secret desire to have sex with other men while you watch or listen, or wait at home for her to come back and Share the hot details with you.

On the contrary, while it's true women are every bit as sexually adventurous as men diverse cultural, societal and even religious taboos prevent them from engaging in the kind of behavior you, as an eager and willing future cuckold, want them to engage in.

So the big question is … how DO you tell your wife you want her to be a hotwife?

It's actually easier than you think.

The way to begin is to start talking about it when you're making love. This is a natural and easy way to raise the subject – and without your beloved is a real prude, then this is going to turn both of you on. But just bear in mind at this stage it really is just a fantasy, a bit of fun.

Once you've done that a few times, you can pick your moment and when you're cuddled up, post orgasm, begin talking about it with the attitude of, " I wonder what it would really be like … because I do Know it turns me on when we talk about it … and when I see other guys eying you up in that way, it gives me a real kick . "

Again, this is something you're going to have to take your time with and be patient. It's unlikely – but not impossible – she'll say "Oh honey … I've always wanted to do it for real but just did not know how to tell you ." It's much more likely you're going to have to do this several times and get her used to the idea.

And the last stage of letting her know you're really serious is to get her flirting with other men and teasing you while you're out together.

This will not make her your hotwife (yet!), But it will get her used to the idea that you do not get mad or angry or jealous when she's with other guys. That's going to make a big difference to how she interprets your words and her own feelings when you talk about the whole thing during and after you've made love.

The point of all this is twofold: first, you want her to know you're serious about it, and the exciting feelings she has when you make love can really be hers in reality; And secondly, you're showing her it's safe for her to like it and to take it to the next level if she wants to.

As with anything like this, it's just a matter of getting the fundamentals right and avoiding making the simple mistakes that can cause so much trouble for couples.

Source by Erasmus Crowe

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