Tears of Gold – New Footage!

Tears of Gold is a documentary film about one community’s journey to reclaim a forgotten culture and restore a future for their children.

In February 2012, I returned to the Mhuysqa community of Sesquilé with Esteban Duarte where we began filming the documentary Tears of Gold/ Lagrimas de Oro two years ago.

Deepening our relationship with the community, we went up and beyond our goal of filming the material needed to fill the gaps in the existing roughcut. We expanded our understanding of the community’s process, screened the current version of the film in Sesquilé and invited the community to collaborate with us in refining the vision of the film.

We have now returned with hours of new rich footage and we are so close to completion! Our intention is to complete the editing this spring, but we need help make this happen. We took a leap of faith in traveling to Colombia and doing what we knew was necessary to tell the story of the Mhuysquas in the best way possible. We are now reaching out for support to raise the final $5,000 that will enable us to finish the editing, craft the film’s original score (in collaboration with Colombian musical composer Teto Ocampo), and finalize the film’s sound mix and color correction.

All contributions, large or small, are exremely helpful! By supporting us in sharing this story, you are supporting not only the community of Sesquilé, but the worldwide movement to recover and preserve indegnous knowledge. All contributors will receive a complementary DVD of the film and a film credit as a Contributing Producer.

This film has been an amazing collaborative effort! We give thanks to the community of Sesquilé for their trust in sharing their lives with us. We extend infinite gratitude to all those who have contributed generous donations and enabled the work to go forward. The work has been so smoooth, thanks to our production collaborators in Bogota (4Direcciones) and the Bay Area (Eastbay Productions). And we give thanks to all the talented individuals who have volunteered hours upon hours their time to bring this artistic creation to life!

Because this film has been born entirely out of volunteered time and generous donations, we have been able to maintain the integrity of the work, making it a true creation of the heart! Thank you!

We hope you will join us in this final stage of of completing the film! Click on the button in the right hand column to make an online donation or send a check addressed to Sophie Cooper to:

P.O. BOX 703
Ribera, NM 87560

Thank You!

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