League of Legends Rp Hack(100% working)


You’re wondering how to get riot points for free?
well, its pretty easy to explain: this bug is based on RIOT’s ‘asian-new-years-special’, which is supposed to be for new players. this “new-years-special” never became public.

Follow the steps in the video or check the short version bellow:

1. Step: click on this Link: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4f3ee485c1778003507872

2. Step: Create a new League of Legends-account!!!
(If you cant create a new account, just use proxies)

3. Step: Start League of Legends and log in with your new account
(by the way: you’ll get an e-mail from riot which is not really necessary)

4. Step: Choose a name for your summoner, never mind what.

Step 5: now its time for you to earn level 10

So after you followed those steps and reached successfully level 10
….riot will credit you a random amount of riot-points. on my created account in this video i get ~~30265 RP~~ and btw. 273602 IP

its actually pretty sad that you have to create a new account and with such a name… but you can change your name later on for riot-points and believe me: you’ll have enough points for nearly everything 😛

i hope you enjoyed my video

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