Epic Orchestral Space Sci-Fi Music Dramatic Symphony OST – SS Productions- Film Trailer Score R.A.D

**Part of the ‘Fallen Minds’ Album. Buy a Copy HERE !! **

BandCamp – https://ssproductions101.bandcamp.com/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/SSComposer

This is a score I did for a trailer of an upcoming short film that is in pre production at the moment. It is called R.A.D and will be a Sci-Fi film. All links to websites and artwork below.
Created using Garageband, No default loops were used. (When i say Best, i mean MY best..)

For some reason sound quality is lost on Youtube, sounds better with headphones..)

If you want to download this song or use this in any projects, you can purchase the track here — http://megalomutt.com/?artist=stephen-stedman

I do ask that you credit me. Any unauthorized use may lead to further action.

Concept R.A.D artwork done by Jonny Bone – http://artworkofjonnybone.blogspot.co.uk/
R.A.D website – http://inquisitionmedia.co.uk/
R.A.D Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/rad.inquisitionmedia

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Copyright © All rights reserved. (I Do NOT own the pictures. No Copyright infringes intended. If you wish to discuss use of pictures, e-mail me and I will comply)

PLUS Check out my LATEST composition – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RemrGD8puf0

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