The 13 Rules of Freemen

I was reading about Ramon Emerito Betances who is considered "the father of Puerto Rico" and came across his "Ten Commandments of Free Men" after I read it I was impressed to write my own list. So I came up with "The Thirteen Rules of Free Men" and went from there hope this will make people think and make up their own list or if you want to add your ideas on this list.

"The 13 rules of free men"


1. think Liberty and freedom are a birthright not a privilege.

2. think the right to bear arms is a birthright not a privilege.

3. think the right to Free Speech is a birthright not a privilege.

4. are brothers under one God regardless of race, color, ethnicity, social standing, financial standing and political standing or religion.

5. view politics as a means for close minded people to achieve power and to destroy Freedom.

6. view ideas as a means of conquering the masses.

7. know that knowing history can prevent you from making the same mistake in the future.

8. know that by speaking your mind and expressing your beliefs may make others uncomfortable. But you must say what you feel your ideas may open their eyes.

9. know at one day we will have to stand up and fight against our own who do not see what we see.

10. read, and

11. Must have some knowledge about Government workings and plans

12. know thatoting for any candidate will only bring another thief into office

13. Behind every Free man there is an equal Freewoman.

Source by Jose L Romero

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