How to enable FraudLabs Pro fraud prevention feature in OpenCart

Start protecting your business with FraudLabs Pro’s OpenCart Extension. The integration is easy, and it only take you couple of few minutes. Please check the installation guide inside the downloaded zip for step-by-step guidelines, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

FraudLabs Pro’s OpenCart add-on screens every purchases transacted by customer, including paypal or credit card transaction. It won’t affect the existing payment gateway add-on that you have installed and activated, as we only collect the necessary information for our fraud checking but not altering any of the OpenCart payment flow. The add-on will then perform the checking and display the fraud check result on OpenCart Admin’s order page. Users can review the result and determine if they should proceed with the delivery.

How to enable FraudLabs Pro service in OpenCart?
1.Login to the OpenCart admin area.
2. Click on the System menu and then click on the Edit link of the store that you would like to enable the FraudLabs Pro service.
3.Click on the Fraud tab.
4.In the Fraud tab, click on the Yes radio button to enable FraudLabs Pro service.
5.Enter the license key. You can sign up for a free license key at
6.Enter the Risk Score, a risk threshold value that you are comfortable with. Note: Depending on the nature of your business, the risk score threshold may vary for different industries. Perhaps, you can start with 75 and fine tune the value once you have more statistical data.
7. Select the order status for the risk score that exceeds the pre-set value (value in item 6).
8.Click on the save button to save the new configuration.
9.You’re done.

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