UNSOM launches journalists training program on election reporting

STORY: UNSOM launches training workshops for journalists on election reporting
TRT: 04:21
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1. Wide shot, Somali journalists attending a training on the 2016 electoral process reporting
2. Med shot , a journalist taking notes at the training
3. Med shot, journalists listening
4. Med shot, United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) Spokesman Joseph Contreras talking to the journalists at the training
5. Close up shot, training chart
6. Close up shot, journalists listening
7. Wide shot, UNSOM Spokesman Joseph Contreras speaking at the training
8. Med shot, journalists listening
9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Mr Joseph Contreras UNSOM Spokesman
“The Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Group of UNSOM is organizing a series of six workshops for Somalia journalists about the 2016 electoral process. The first workshop is getting underway today in Mogadishu and it will be followed by similar workshops in Baidoa, Kismaayo, Cadaado, Belet Weyne and Garowe.”

10. Close up shot, topics covered at the training
11. Wide shot, a journalist contributing at the training
12. Med shot, a journalist contributes
13. Close up hot, a journalist contributes
14. Wide shot, a journalist speaking
15. Close up shot, trainer speaking to the journalists
16. Med shot, journalists listening
17. SOUNDBITE: (Somali) Ms Bishara Abdirashid Ahmed, journalist
“Personally I expect to learn how to report elections since I will be involved. I also hope to learn how to deal with challenges I am likely to confront. Some of the challenges relate to who will give journalists information and who has the final decision on the electoral process.”

18. SOUNDBITE: (Somali) Ms Muna Mohamed Gedi, journalist
“I was involved in the 2012 process and I expect this year’s to be different. Since it will happen in many towns other than Mogadishu, the media must have capacity to report on the process.”

19. Med shot, journalists in a discussion group
20. Wide shot, journalists in a discussion group
21. Close up shot, journalists in a discussion group
22. SOUNDBITE: (Somali) Farrah Abdi Warsame, journalist
“The last election involved only 275 people. The forthcoming process will involve Somalis of all walks of life and sectors.”

UNSOM launches training workshops for journalists on election reporting

Mogadishu, 22 August 2016 – The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) has embarked on a countrywide series of training workshops for local journalists on the forthcoming electoral process in Somalia.

The first of the two-day workshops ended in Mogadishu today. Similar trainings are scheduled to be carried out in Baidoa, Kismaayo, Cadaado, Belet Weyne and Garowe.

UNSOM spokesperson Joseph Contreras described the 2016 electoral process as one of the most complicated elections in recent years and said the workshops are designed to help explain the unique process.

The spokesperson said the United Nations views this year’s electoral process as a vital stepping stone towards one-person, one-vote elections in 2020 and a major improvement over the process held in Somalia in 2012.

Topics addressed during the inaugural training included tips and techniques for covering the electoral process, the electoral calendar, the UN role in the process and a draft code of conduct for journalists.

Contreras said the UN is providing logistical and technical support and political expertise to the Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT) and the State Indirect Electoral Implementation Teams (SIEITs) at their request to facilitate implementation of the electoral process.

Some of the participating journalists discussed the challenges they expect to face in covering the electoral process.

Bishara Abdirasahid Ahmed asked about a central location where media personnel could obtain information when the voting for members of parliament and the president commences.

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