Hollywood Mixer Gary Lux on his Avid Venue Console System – RSPE Audio

Gary Lux on how the Avid Venue D-Show Live Console series has allowed him to mix and record live music all over the world.

Gary Lux is one of Hollywood’s premier music mixers, with literally thousands of projects to his credit. Gary has worked with such artists as Ben Harper, Frank Sinatra, Janet Jackson, Sting, Rod Stewart, and many more.

VENUE is a modular system that can be custom-configured for a range of live sound applications. Its basic components include the D-Show™ mixing console, FOH (front-of-house) Rack (which houses the system’s mix engine), Stage Rack (with recallable, remote-controlled preamps), and multi-channel digital snake.

The system’s highly expandable architecture allows up to 96 mic inputs, 16 stereo effects returns, 27 buses, eight mono matrices, and eight stereo matrices, all of which provide a new level of flexible signal distribution. Stereo matrices can be treated as a monitor submixer and controlled remotely by the artist using the optional Digidesign® Personal Q™ (PQ) monitoring system. The powerful mix engine provides EQ and dynamics processing on every input channel, along with 24 assignable graphic EQs and built-in support for TDM plug-ins.

All mixing surfaces and racks offer dual-redundant power supplies and are purpose-built to measure up to the highest reliability standards in the industry. VENUE also offers direct hardware and software integration with industry-standard Pro Tools® digital audio workstations via a simple digital connection, without the need for any audio interfaces.

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