L’ile D’Yeu (Canon 7D, Glidecam HD-2000)


As I promised, here my new video shot in L’île D’Yeu, a beautiful French island located few kilometres from the west coast.

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I’m originally amateur still photographer and you can check out my photo website at the link down bellow:


I used music under the creative commons copyright available on www.jamendo.com. You are free to download and broadcast their music as much as you want as far as you mention the name of the artist and you do not use their work for a commercial purpose, that’s the deal !

So here are the different music I used:

“Nothing in the Dark”
Josh Woodward

“Amerian Dream Man”
Leslie Hunt

The sounds effects such as helicopter, car drifting… were picked up on http://www.freesound.org, where you can download sounds effects for free for non-commercial use and commercial use.

Thank you to David my friend who was acting in the all movie 😉
Many thanks to Devin Graham who make me dream every new video he is posting on youtube, you can check his work on his Youtube channel here : http://www.youtube.com/user/devinsupertramp

Technical info :

Almost all of flying footage were shot with a Glidecam HD-2000, the static one were either taken on a tripod or on the Glidecam.

All movie was shot with a canon 7D and a 18-135mm at either 30fps or 60 for the slow motion sequences.

The film was edited with Final Cut Pro X, which is good for some things and not that great for others.

The credit part was done with After Effects Cs5 (thanks to a couple of guys for their tutorial on Youtube 😉

At the end the film was recorded on one day. I was limited by the memory in the shooting as I only had a 8Gb card, so I couldn’t shoot more. This definitely does not help 

The overall took me about 20 hours of editing, between, music selection and cutting, film editing, rendering and compressing it on compressor.

Thanks all for watching, and don’t forget to check out new videos coming soon 😉


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