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Let’s face it, managing your company’s insurance risk, is like, well trying to play golf blindfolded, with only a putter.

Even a little mistake can create a huge problem. What we’re saying is, it’s really hard. You can do your absolute best to enforce best practices in compliance with safety regulations, but there are always blind spots that you can’t account for, and they can cost your company huge sums of money.

If you’re going to achieve your best score, the right set of clubs, and knowledgeable caddy by your side are the best tools to have.

That’s where RiskScore comes in. RiskScore is like a credit score, but for your business. The higher your score, the lower your risk, and the better your rates.

The best part is, we made it simple. RiskScore’s online survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete, but that’s all our team needs to analyze your risk, provide you tools, and come up with a plan to help you reduce your claims, reduce risk, and increase your profitability.

RiskScore highlights your company’s strengths, and your underwriter won’t just see checkboxes on a piece of paper. They’ll get a deeper understanding of your business and a more comprehensive look of all the great things that you’re doing to proactively manage your risk.

So take off that blindfold and swing like the pro you are. Together we can make your company as risk-free as possible.

We invite you to take your free RiskScore survey today and experience the value of understanding.

www.WhatsMyRiskScore.com 321-578-7559
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