NZ Transit Day

Transit Day,
Leaving Toms House in Okato at 8 am we start the day driving along the surf Highway. The ocean is looking angry and were stocked we got some waves yesterday. With a 5 hour drive ahead of us we have good time to enjoy the drive.
The New weather front that arrived yesterday looks like it has brought some good snow for the North Island. Unfortunatly we still have not seen Mt Taranakai, I remember it from years ago and it’s a shame to drive halfway around the base of this volcano with no visuals sighting.
We Continue North and arrive at Aukland , Ryan Picks up some credit cards and we head to purchase a new hard drive on the way to returning our Jucy Campervan. We pack our bags and get to the airport in time to check into the lounge bar for a few drinks and lunch before our flight to Christchurch.
The Fun doesn’t stop here we have to make it to Wanaka Still so from Christchurch its about a 7 hour drive we have to find our other Jucy camper we left behind and make the journey. Were hoping the roads are safe with no snow but on the other hand wishing this storm does dump heaps of snow on our path.
Were doing today’s Blog and Edit on the plane and hoping to score some fast internet connection at our friends house in Christchurch a quick upload with fingers crossed before we make our next leg of today’s journey.
With The NZ FreeSki open Big Mountain to Kick of on Wed at Remarkables we wil reunite with our Freeride friends and with joy score another Heli Day.
The Daily Dump Snow Report.

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