How to Get Your Ex Back From Another Guy – 3 Ways to Win Back Her Heart Back

Feeling down and restless, wondering how to get your ex back from another guy? Finally realizing the mistake you've made and how important she is to you? Or is this just another ego trip, that nagging feeling that you can not stand having someone else have her? If you want to know how to get your ex back from another guy, read these guidelines and find out.

Ego Trip or the Real Thing

The first thing you have to do is find out the real reason you want her back. Do you still love her and does she still love you, or you just want her for yourself? If your feelings are genuine and you really do love and respect, then the chances to win her back are pretty good. Girls would not appreciate being wooed by their ex because of possessiveness and they would not come back to their ex for anything less than love.

Make sure your ex does not get the chance to forget so become a constant part in her life. This does not mean calling her 24/7 or sending dozens of emails a day. Just keep communication lines open and try to see her as often as possible. If you have mutual friends then travel in the same social circle and have a good relationship with her loved ones, especially her closest friends. They could be the one to put in a good word for you.

Keep it Cool

Try to relax and be comfortable around her and do not be nervous and pressure yourself to hurry up and get your ex back. This will take time, and your ex needs to see that you're sincere in wanting her back in your life. Do not make a scene if she introduces her new guy to you. Just smile and keep it cool, and if she sees how in control you are she'll be impressed.

What you can do to win her back is give her compliments and endearments when you get the chance to talk to her privately. Call her by her special nickname and she'll be reminded of the attention you've once given her. Show her that you still think of her and that you've even changed for the better for her. You're a better man now, all because you love her and wan t her back.


How to get your ex back from another guy? One of the best ways is act mature and do not confront the new man in her life. She would not be impressed with your macho act and she might even think that she's made the right choice of choosing him over you. Let her work things out on her own but keep reminding her of the reasons why you two should be together. Show her that the love between you two has not ended.

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