Analyzing ‘The Ongoing Evolution of the Credit Union Market’ with Celent’s Stephen Greer…

Analyst firm Celent has just released a new report entitled, Catch CU: The Ongoing Evolution of the Credit Union Market, which reviews the recent consolidation of the industry through many, many, many mergers over the last 10-15 years and the impact these mergers have had on the smaller CU ($50 million and under). In addition, the report also looks at the growing disparity of efficiency between the smaller and larger credit unions and where the market is headed. A very telling report, indeed.

To get the inside scoop on Catch CU, we invited its author Celent’s Stephen Greer (who’s located in Madrid, Spain, by the way!) for extended chat on these topics. Here are some of the items we focused on…

— Smaller credit unions ($50 million and under) are a dying breed. But the industry may adjust to the new role that smaller institutions could play in the future.
— In the past 15 years, added complexity has challenged the simplicity of the traditional (credit union) business model.
— The competitive disadvantage is unsustainable, as the ability to gather deposits will deepen the disparity between the largest and smallest institutions.
— Credit unions need to start rethinking some of the long-held conventions of the business to stay relevant but find ways to grow revenue without endangering the mission statement.

There’s plenty more in this episode with Celent’s Stephen Greer. Enjoy!


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