The Power of Mental Telepathy

In a historical context, the concept of telepathy emerge in late 19th century when physical sciences made major advances accepting the application of imagined mental phenomena to explain or understand paranormal activities aside from the physical phenomena that are present. Today, telepathy forms as one of the main branches of parapsychological research that focuses on how telepathy works. By definition, telepathy means the transfer of information either of thoughts or feelings between two people by an extra-sensory perception. Aside from the five classical cognitive senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell, telepathy comes now as the sixth sense. A mental telepathic power of communication and learning things from the past or future, without even needing the service of background check company to know anyone’s past records. The power of mental telepathy is quite convincing and appealing that in literature, telepathy is normally a power that a superhero or a super villain has.

Generally, telepathy if proven to work can become a great power one could ever have. Or, if anyone could have it then the ability to process of sending and receiving thoughts from one person to another could only become a normal sense we use. For those with clean records over their names, maybe applying for a job would be a breeze since no interviews will be conducted. On the other hand, this won’t be of great advantage to those who have stained records. Surely, they will consume a lot of time explaining and making a stand. But in real life, there are actually person said to possess this kind of power since telepathy is also associated with clairvoyance and foretelling. Such famous person to have this kind of psychic power was Nostradamus and Benjamin Franklin too.

True or not, good thing people are non-telepathic and run the gamut from the ascendancy of normal Homosapiens that still needs to ask queries about each other. Who wants to live in a world of silence, anyways? The world will be more organized if we know each other lesser than if we knew each other well. If telepathy comes as one of the normal senses then there would be no acquaintance parties ever to happen here on earth.

Source by Shirlene Nixon

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