Hypethetic A:Line Campaign – Post Event Recap

Hypethetic introduces the A:Line (Alliance) Campaign which brings together upcoming as well as prominent artists and labels to the retail space.

The event marked another milestone for Hypethetic, the artists involved and the Singapore Streetwear Scene. People from all walks of life gathered at the party to check out the new product lines being offered and not to mention savouring the free booze and light refreshments.

The RSCLS were showing off their t-shirt silkscreening live, ObbiGoodLabel (OGL) was displaying their ware and live leather stamping and the nifty Killer Gerbil drew up an art piece. For most this was an eye opener at how some of the design processes were executed.

The crowd was also kept entertained by the constant stream of music from Hypethetic’s very own DJ Yen (Shaun) on the Traktor S4 controllers and accompanied by independent performer, DJ Wan on the turntables. Not forgetting our friend Aaron as the MC, for lending his voice for the day.

Friend of Hypethetic and street magician, Jason Kok wowed the crowd with his magic. Many walked away with lingering thoughts of disbelief after watching some of the magic tricks.

It was a night to remember. Thank you to all who have attended and made this event possible. Do keep a lookout for more events coming your way!


For the launch of its first series, the campaign will see apparels and accessories from Killer Gerbil, RSCLS, Obbi Good Label (OGL) and RCGNTN being added to Hypethetic’s store offerings.

Artists Profiles:


Visual artist Luthfi Mustafah has been creating the character The Killer Gerbil since 2003 as an alter ego; a street rat that kill empty spaces with colors and forms with means of beautifying. Inspired by his pet gerbils, street culture and urban art, The Killer Gerbil can be found on different surfaces using all sorts of mediums. Without any hidden or serious agenda behind his art, The Killer Gerbil’s world is nothing but fun and for the masses to easily identify and embrace the character.

Winner of 2005 Motorola Streetstyle Street’s Choice Award Winner, The Killer Gerbil have been involved in numerous commissioned works, events and exhibitions locally and overseas hoping to educate the masses that street art is not all vandalism and appreciated as an art form. His future plans includes world domination and still keeping it real.


Fellow artists, ANTZ, CLOGTWO and ZERO make up RSCLS, a collaborative approach of styles, ideas and creative banter.

ANTZ’s meteoric rise from obscurity to becoming one of the upcoming urban artists who look out for stems from his unique illustrative style. A style which makes heavy references to chinese culture; from mythology to dialect and identity, ANTZ has managed to create an interesting juxtapozed mash of contemporary urban styles with traditional Chinese visuals and influences. ANTZ is constantly on the lookout for new approaches in making and creating his art, be it in medium or concept. Apart from being a full time art director professionally, ANTZ is also the co- founder of the design collective The Geeksigners.

As an artist, ANTZ has been involved in renowned projects and international events such as ADIDAS, NIKE, IdN, Converse, Taggerbags, Tiger Translate, Ministry of Sound (Singapore), MTV asia and many more. ANTZ is all geared up to intensify the industry with his up and coming contemporary designs.

Zul also known as ZERO, is a graduate from NAFA with a Diploma in Visual Communications in 2000 and Lasalle College of the Arts with a Diploma in Painting in 2007 and BA(HONS) in Fine Arts, is a member of the urban arts collective ARTVSTS- art activist. Zul’s art revolves around street culture, pop culture and current affairs; constantly creating dialogue and social commentary through them. His work constantly evolves as he tries to integrate the function of design and advertising within the framework of conceptual and traditional fine arts.

Zul has been involved in numerous events and exhibitions and have been an integral part in the growth of ARTVSTS collective since its formation in late 2003. Was a shortlisted candidate nominee for President’s Young Artist Awards 2005. A practicing artist since completion of National Service early 2003. Zul is part of The Substation’s Associate Artists Programme Alumni and lectures part time at Lasalle College of the Arts.

CLOGTWO, an illustrator, graffiti practitioner and video designer, graduated from Temasek School of Design (Interactive Media Design) in 2007.

“Many of the people I’ve met tend to forget my real birth name sometimes; I think it’s not as significant or important after Clogtwo was found in 2004, on a chemically sprayed wall in a dark canal, general known to man as graffiti art and to some, vandalism, and to me, it think it’s destroying my lungs from all the fumes I’ve inhaled for the past 7 years. Clogtwo’s works merges from relative questions from social behavior to the mysteries of our religion beliefs. As time goes by, many artists favor to question themselves if their styles are well defined or recognized? I think there’s no such definition for style, style is not made, it’s yourself. Sad to say I’ve worked with National Arts Council, National Health Promotion Board, Singapore National Museum, Singapore Arts Museum, OKTO channel and Adidas, to name a few, but it looks like Clogtwo managed to get all the credit.”


Obbi Good’s Label Company, a leather product company that combine unique, useful, and simple product that stand out from the individual rest.

Their leather products are designed and crafted by independent artisan craft-men. All products are carefully selected and handmade to desire; they welcome all ideas and offer what you see that is different. Their inspirations comes from individual projection, wearable or usable, angle from male and female prospective.
It is a place, for the illegal gathering of the leather artisan, a place to show case, offer and involve in the commercial activities, a place where artisan laundry their master works and pieces….


RCGNTN (pronounced re-cog-ni-tion) was started in August 2009 as a magazine dedicated to local talent.
With the lack of exposure given to Singaporeans passionate in their craft, there was a need to put the spotlight on these talented individuals to recognize what they can do, and to change the common misconception of local/Asian talent.

They not only believe in exposure on these passionate individuals, but also to continue nurturing their talent through their networks.

The magazine is for those who chose not to give up; for those who choose to break out from the generic mold; for those who work or take (multiple) jobs on the side to keep pursuing their passion; for those who do it for the love not the money; for those who work hard and deserve a break; for those seeking inspiration; for those who need hope- this is for all of us.

With this, they plan to push Singapore to the world, for everyone all deserve some RCGNTN.

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