Ayurveda Treatment – The Safest Way to Prevent Dandruff Problems

What you need to understand about Dandruff. Dandruff is skin disorders that affect the hair; this condition develops during the normal process of scalp hair growth. In the regular growth cycle, old cells die and lose each month, and replacement cells are rapidly generated. Aside from that dandruff is also connected to self-esteem and social problems in most people.

Dandruff Can Be Classified In Two Different Types, They Are;

· Inner dandruff

· External films

Causes of Extreme Dandruff

There are many factors leading to the build-up of extreme Dandruff Causes in body. They are either triggered internally or externally sometimes even both. Internal causes range from fungi e.g. M. Restricta, M. Globosa, and M. which normally thrives on scalp and secretes waste lipids causing seborrhoeic dermatitis, weak immune system due to certain illness, stress, or hormonal imbalance. On the other hand external elements can be from Contact dermatitis caused by powerful additives found in certain hair products to weather conditions.

• Fungus

• Bacteria

• Hormonal imbalance

• Heavy sweating

• Oily glands

• Stress

• Extreme weather conditions

• Allergies

• Heredity

• Constant use of hair coloring products, hair gel

• Hair curlers

• Illness

• Powerful shampoo additives

• Lack of combing

• Symptoms of Extreme Dandruff

• Severe flaking of the skin

• Scalp irritations

• Oily skin scalp

• Redness on the scalp

• Sore

• Slight wounds

Symptoms of Dandruff

Like many other disorders the presence of dandruff too has its own symptoms. When you brush or comb or simply scratch your hair, the silvery-white scales falls on to your shoulders, eyebrows and clothes, just like the snowflakes. These scales may also be found as the crusts or the lumps on the scalp. Sometimes on itching, the scalp gets red.

Many researches and studies have confirmed that its presence is a cumulative effect of several different chemical reactions going on inside the body. These chemical reactions cause fast formation and shredding of the dead cells from the scalp through the process of peeling. This peeling process goes almost unnoticed.

• Visible skin flakes

• Itchy scalp

• Reddish spots on the scalp

• Irritating soreness

Remedies for Dandruff

Treatment of dandruff requires careful and appropriate Dandruff Medicine depending on the condition of the scalp. There are many ways to treat dandruff example are natural remedies, anti-shampoo, and specific Dandruff Medicine drugs prescribed by the specialists. If it gets to the point where dandruff becomes serious, it is good to consult your dermatologist.

Shampoos against Dandruff

Be sure to choose the best anti-shampoo shampoo in the market containing ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, ciclopirox or salicylic acid. Selenium and ketoconazole shampoos are effective in fighting dandruff, and the best way to prevent dandruff, Ayurveda Treatment should also be applied regularly. Additionally, natural remedies are also the best alternative to treating dandruff with hypersensitive skin.

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