3 Tips on How to Repair My Credit

Credit repair is possible with the right information, in this article I will give you 3 tips on how to successfully repair your credit to increase your scores.

1. Begin Building New Credit- One of the factors affecting your credit score is the number of accounts you have that have been paid on time. There are credit cards you can get approved for even if you don’t have good credit. You want to get one of these cards so that you are able to begin to build up your payment history.

Once you receive this card you want to use it and pay the balance on time, it will help you to begin to reestablish a good payment history, which would help your score.

2. Dispute Outdated Information- You want to also dispute any negative and outdated information on your report, if you are able to get any old and negative accounts deleted, it can help improve your score.

3. Keep Your Balances Low- You have to keep your balances low on any current credit you have, having high balances on your account will also negatively impact your credit score. It will look as thou you are not properly managing your credit by having high limits and this will artificially hold your score down.

You can fix your credit yourself, the key is understanding the specific steps to accomplishing this goal. There are laws that congress passed that helps protect your credit file and to make sure creditors are not taking advantage of you.

Source by Tony Banks

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