Point of the Sword on Conspiracy Cafe 2010-12d-09

TSA gropes the beautiful people, robots for combat, Wikileaks CIA rubber trap leads to net false flag, UK prepares for collapse of heating fuel market as currencies collapse, the new climate plan same as the old – your money or your life, buy silver wipe out JP Morgan’s short, Toronto Police Chief lies again but now he’s sorry, Toronto Star I.D.’s bad cops, Ombudsman’s report on police state G20, Florida has a good cop, Mount Carmel fire a message from God, Russian jets fly over U.S. Japan exercise, gag laws in Hungary, Cheney charged, the execution of Ronni Chasen and the mob connection that rules Hollywood and defrauded billions from Credit Lyonnais bank has links to the deaths of Roberto Calvi and Sonny Bono. Conspiracy Cafe the point of the sword.

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