The 3 Important Things You Must Do or Know Before Becoming a Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunting is a growing profession. Some people say the growth is due to Dog the Bounty Hunter and his reality television show. Others attribute the growth to increasing unsafe world and the need for the average Joe to help make it a safer.

Whatever the reason is, it must be pointed out this not a profession for the fault at heart. Those who wish to enter it must be committed and willing to give it their all. For this reason, this article will address the 3 important things people entering this profession must know or do before they start.

In no particular order, they are:

1. Those entering the profession must be willing to invest the time to get the proper training. This is a profession that is highly looked at. So much so that some states or countries do not allow it.

The right training will keep you from breaking the law. Believe it or not, you can be arrested if you do not do things the right way or do it in places where bounty hunting is not allowed or frowned at.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Even with his record of capturing more than 6,500 bail jumpers, this did not keep him running afoul of the Mexican law. He was arrested by Mexican authorities for capturing the rapist and fugitive, Andrew Luster. All evidence showed that he never broke Mexican laws. The only thing that could be deducted from the arrest is that the Mexican authorities frowned at his capturing Andrew Luster in their country.

2. Somebody entering the profession of bounty hunting must know that their life could be at risk any time. This is like law enforcement work. You may have to deal with hardcore criminals. These types of criminals do not take kindly to being captured. So much so that they will go to the extent of shooting at you when you try to arrest them.

Those entering this profession must be ready for this. This is where proper training as explained above also helps.

3. Aspiring future bounty hunters must know the job requires traveling. You may be away from friends and family for extended periods of time.

Again taking Dog the Bounty Hunter as an example, going into Mexico to capture Andrew Luster was not a day's job. He had to stay in Mexico for days, tracking down his suspect. Then after tracking him down, he had to devise tactics to capture or arrest him.

I have covered the 3 important things I believe you must know or do before becoming a bounty hunter. As you know, there are other things you also have to know. Covering all of the things you have to know, is beyond what I can do in this short article. I invite you to continue to expand your knowledge of bounty hunting and the things you need to know by visiting websites that deal with the subject in more detail.

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Source by Kenneth Echie

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