How to Buy Private Number Plates

Buying private number plates for your vehicle can be a statement of your personality, character and financial security. However, many drivers would not know how to go about buying one in the first place, let alone transferring a new private number plate to a car.

As well as the DVLA, a number of private dealers operate across the United Kingdom. Using a private dealer may be a better option if you are searching for a highly undesired plate. This is due to the fact that many private plates change hands on a number of occasions before finding their way back onto the market for sale.

It is possible to purchase plates privately via auction. It is possible to pick up a bargain in this way, particularly if the current owner does not value the plate as highly as the buyer. Private dealers can transfer plates directly between vehicles while approving personal registration.

Some of the most cherished private plates have been found to sell at auction for six-figure sums, fetching incredible amounts of cash. There are auctions a number of times a year with the ability to bid via phone, internet and in person. Some who can not handle the intensity of live auction bidding may consider sending a sealed bid, in which all bids are opened for a particular registration and the highest bidder is awarded.

If you own some private number plates and are interested in selling your plates, it is possible to obtain free valuations to gauge the interest and value. However, despite the market value, many interest bidders may be prepared to fork out increased fees in order to purchase a registration that holds sentimental value.

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