Fish Oil Capsules – 3 Key Facts You Should Know About Fish Oil Supplements

Taking fish oil capsules as a dietary supplement is really catching on among the health-conscious. Just yesterday I was at the drugstore and saw over a dozen omega 3 products crowding the shelves. And you're starting to see TV commercials about them, too.

Unfortunately, the majority of these products are not worth the money. Why? Because the effectiveness of a fish oil capsule in promoting good health is directly related to its purity, DHA content, and freshness. Many widely available omega 3 supplements are sorely lacking in these areas.

Let's exam each of these three points in more detail.

1) Purity.

Purity is of primary importance when discussing fish oil capsules, because these products are particularly prone to contamination.

Why? Because the world's oceans and waterways are polluted by heavy metals, PCB's, dioxins, and other chemicals. Fish that inhabit these waters absorb these harmful substances, and the resulting oil that's bottled in pills and tablets is there tainted – except a purification process occurs.

The scientifically proven purification method used in the best omega 3 products is called vacuum molecular distillation. This process extracts all of the toxins, leaving the refined, potent oil for packaging. It's the best way to ensure you get the highest quality supplement.

2) DHA content.

DHA is an essential fatty acid. It's responsible for the majority of the health benefits ascribed to omega 3 supplementation.

Most supplements, however, contain higher amounts of EPA (another fatty acid) than DHA. Although there are benefits to EPA, all medical evidence supports that DHA, by far, is the most critical of the two substances.

The omega 3 supplements highest in DHA are sourced from fish that are high in this fatty acid. Hoki, native to New Zealand, has an especially high DHA content.

I personally use a unique brand of omega 3 soft gels derived from Hoki. I've experienced greater health benefits than I did when using products sourced from other species of fish.

3) Freshness.

If you've ever stored seafood in your refrigerator, you know freshness is absolutely key. Fish is honest to going rancid, very quickly.

Most omega-3 products on the market involve capture fish and then transporting them long distances in tankers. The time and distance involved increases the chances of rancidity setting in.

Ideally, the purification facility should be near the port where the fish is landed. This guarantees maximum freshness.

You can liken it to going fishing in the morning, catching some perch or cod, and bringing it home to prepare for dinner that evening.

After much research, I've found just one nutritional supplement company that delivers fish oil capsules that are high in purity, DHA content, and freshness. I take them daily and give them my highest recommendation. Visit my web site now to learn more.

Source by B. Massey

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