How I Made Money in Real Estate No Money, No Credit, No Experience!

First I'd like to preface that I am not a Guru! I am not selling a seminar, workshop, boot camp or mentoring
program. I created this site to answer the question I am so often asked, "How did you get started and make money in real estate?"

If my comments seem boastful, recognize that there are many others who have done far greater than me.
My hope is that this article will serve as an encouragement to "Newbies", those who are just starting out in
real estate. You can make money in real estate with no money, no credit, no prior experience and in your
spare time!

I can hear you say, What spare time?
Real estate is a time-money business. You've got to have one or the other and preferably both. I did not have
either, so I decided I would make the time to make the money. Once I made time to make money, the
question was how do I make money in real estate with no money, no credit and no experience? I had never
bought a property, did not even like the thought of real estate. Tenants, fixing toilets and dealing with
evictions was not for me, but I had heard of others making loads of money in real estate. The question was

Since I love to read and love good coffee, typically a trip to the bookstore was the first step in my quest to
find out how to make money in real estate with no money, no credit and no experience. Browsing through
the books I came across a couple that were particularly interesting to me. What the heck, I'll spend $ 15.00.

A WEEK LATER I MADE $ 6500.00 !!! THE WEEK AFTER THAT I MADE $ 8000.00 !!!

As a beginner, flipping properties is the technique you need to generate fast cash. You do not have to buy a
house, just put it under contract and flip it. All I did was made some cheap letter flyers, passed them out, found
a motivated seller, put it under contract and flipped the property to the end Buyer and cashed the check! I was so thrilled to say the least. I did it again and again.

Again, you do not have to buy a house, just put it under contract for one price and flip it for a higher price. Buy and hold, lease options and all other methods should be used after you've built a solid cash foundation. There are lots of investors out there in serious financial trouble using rehabs and multiple rental income strategies. Also you do not need expensive seminaries and boot camps. If you can afford them go, but I did not. After I made my first flips, I bought some courses.

I've found that chat sites can quickly overwhelm a new person with such diverse opinions, and can cause confusion. Do not get lost on information overload. I was determined to go out and make money. Do not listen to those telling you it can not be done! It can!

Source by Alex Aldridge

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