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Searching The Best Annual Credit Report – There are some sobering facts about the number of people who get their identity stolen when getting these reports – it is the fastest growing crimes in America, This is just one of the dangers when getting your report online, find out all the rest and get all the tips:

Type in Credit Report into Google and up pops literally millions of references, how do you decide on the best one? – do you click on the top search?

Well you could but there are most likely to have the largest advertising budget and will probably not be the cheapest, but choose a smaller lesser known site and you could have stung or scam or get sold additional services that you do not want, you need to know what the services offer and what your circumstance is to choose the most suitable option.

Know Scams
First, know the current scams out in the marketplace so you can dodge the fraudsters. There are the traditional types and then the new modern innovative types that could trip up even the most savvy internet users, let have a look at some of them in more detail:

Application Fraud is the extremely common: This happens when an individual will falsify an application, maybe from a stolen credit card – they pretended to be you and get you financial detail and maybe you credit report – they can then get loans which they are not entitled to – they then rack up huge debts before making a run for it leaving you picking up the pieces for years.

One solution to this is getting a fraud alert on your credit report – then every-time an item is added to your report you get sent an alerts – you can get these alerts fro around $ 5 per month.

More modern techniques include emails that are sent to you, they mask themselves in getting a free credit report – do not ever enter your personal information into an email form or from an internet link to a form, this is the surest way to losing your identity to thieves. Another technique is Triangulation.

Occurs when a merchant offers a very cheap product (credit report and credit score, or an alert service) at a low price via a web-site. As soon as customer seeking to buy the product the merchant then tells the customer to pay via email when the item is delivered. The merchant will then use a fraudulent card number to purchase the product from a site, then will send the product to the consumer. You might then send the merchant your credit card details via email.

The merchant will then continue operating in this way using the credit card numbers sent from you the consumer to purchase a product. While this appears for a short time to be a legitimate merchant, they then close the Web site and starts a new one.

Free Credit Reports – that are not free.
This is the most common problem when search for credit reports so there are a number of websites claiming they offer free credit reports when actually it's very misleading.

Through cleaver forms that trick you into signing up to getting a free report they sell you extra services that you do not need.

They will get you signing up to a trial period in which you are billed monthly until you contact them to remove the subscription.

Some of there services might actually be useful – like a fraud alter email on financial information landing on your report, but because you are not expecting it and just wanted a free report you will not want anything to do with them.

These are just some of the ways the scammers can catch you – be on the lookout for these methods, for more info or to get your totally free credit report today – follow


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