Three Techniques For a Sensual Lower Back Massage That Will Drive Her Wild With Desire

Discover some easy sensual lower massage techniques that you can use the next time you make love. Several years ago I attended a professional massage course. During the course I gave as well as received hours of touch. What I did notice that each person massaging me had a different quality of touch. Now some of this touch I did not like much at all, and others felt much more pleasurable. I started to look into the quality of touch and how it effects the relaxation of the receiver.

Tip one, the massage beginning and end.

The first thing I noticed in a massage stroke is the start and the ending. Some people started much to sharply and others slowly started the stoke and slowly lifted of. This felt much better and a lot more sensual.

Tip two, the speed of the stroke.

The next thing I noticed was the speed of the stroke. Some were much to fast to feel much at all and were not pleasurable.

Tip three, the quality of attention.

The third aspect I noticed was some seemed to be really in the feeling under their hands and others more in their heads.

I took this all on board, and started each stoke with a lot of sensitivity. I flowed into each stoke and slowed down the stoke. I really got into the sensations under my fingers. In a few massages I found that the women got quite orgasmic under my finger even in the group class situation. So we can take the above tips into a more erotic and sexual massage and really improve the quality of touch. If you do this, you will find your lover becoming much more relaxed and at the same time more turned on and sexual.

Try the above techniques on starting the touch in a sensual lower back massage and then move onto other areas of the body.

Source by Maurice Tate

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