Ruby4Hackers ep 1 pt 2 Tutorial

In this video we examine the bindump ruby class I created. We take this further to examine a basic binary diffing engine. At this point we will only attempt to match functions. Code is available at github. The url is github + aking1012/bindiff-ruby. If this video works properly I will post my ffmpeg commands on ST and my blog. This is a really small file. If the transcoded output is acceptable, I think this information would be useful for others. I am currently using REE 1.8.7 for the tutorial. I will check and patch the code for 1.9.2 as required at a later date. Thank you for watching and feel free to comment. I have been invited to umibible, but I prefer to release my videos on vimeo, then give credit to securitytube as they are a great site. I will be uploading my videos to uimbible to enable the “donate to tutor” option after securitytube releases. Thank you all again for watching/reading.

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