Credit Restoration – What Does it Take to Improve My Credit Rating and Scores?

There's an old saying, "nothing is life is free" and this is applicable with process of credit restoration. There is a cost to improve your credit rating but I will say it is worth every penny or minute you spend on the task. Let me explain …

You can take one of two roads to credit repair, which would be to either do it yourself which would cost you more time than money or you can allow a professional handle the process for you.

Your cost would be broken down to either time or money, do-it-yourself credit repair will cost you more time while a credit repair service company will cost you more money. The one you decide will depend on which resource you have more of …

The do-it-yourself method would require that you have an in-depth knowledge of the credit repair process and you can expect to pay for the best information in the form of a course, or study guide. With this option you would spend more time going through the process after acquiring the proper knowledge and skill set.

On the other hand, if you have more money than free time, using the services of a credit repair law firm is the way to go. They would handle 90% of the process for you for a monthly fee.

The reason for the fee is due to the fact that the credit repair process involves back and forth communication with credit bureaus and a creditor which is most effectively done by mail with the help of a credit repair law firm. You can expect a timeline of a couple of months to see results regardless of what method you choose.

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