Top Ways to Increase Your Credit Rating

Understanding how your credit score is derived can help you improve your credit score veryly. A few of the more pertinent methods of increasing your credit rating are:

Longevity Is Key

Since a large portion of your credit score is determined by the age of the account, do not close your lines of credit. Also, the more credit available to you that you do not use, decreases your debt-to-credit ratio and helps improve your score.

Here, consolidating your debt is good, but do not close these lines of credit.

Variety in the Kinds of Accounts Open is Important

The ways a FICO score is calculated use the number of credit lines available as well as the type of account. Although loans get completely paid off, having a mixture of credit cards and installation loans, can do wonders for your rating. Doing so, you demonstrate you can manage various lines of credit. However, be careful not to have too many of one type of account, which could lower your score. A good balance between types of accounts is the intention here.

Avoid Store Cards

Aside from the higher interest rates, the credit rating companies look disfavorably upon store credit cards. The qualifying factor for store cards are low, so the weight of creditworthiness is removed.

Lower Your Overall Debt

Late payments show poor handling of your credit and will likely impact your credit rating. As a result, reducing your balances through ontime payments will help your rating. Although you may have an account with a charge you are disputing, you are better off making the payment on time, as opposed to having a past-due account.

Do not Apply For Lines Of Credit All at Once

The credit bureaus ding your score for opening several lines of credit in a "short" period of time. This is because consumers often max out their credit with purchases they can not afford.

Reduce the Amount of Inquiries

A credit check in general, lowers your score; with the affect of a drop of five points or less in your credit score. However, credit inquiries made towards a related purchase, (such as home or car loan) offer a two week allotment for loan inquiries for the same credit purchase. As a result, credit bureaus consider the identical inquiries done within a two week span to affect the credit score only once.

Ask for an Increase in Limit

The higher your available credit that is not being used, the lower your debt ratio will be. A low debt-to-income ratio to available credit, affects your score positively.

Ask Creditors to Report Positive Accounts

Ask creditors to report accounts that are in good standing. Creditors have no legal obligation to do so, but if they do your score can jump up immediately. |

Regularly Monitor and Your Score

FICO asserts for consumers who do not regularly check their credit, it can take up to a year for those to notice an error in their credit report.

Report Errors Online

By using the credit bureaus online dispute process, your results will be much faster.

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