Top 10 Reasons to Have Your Free Credit Score Report

Your Free Credit Score Report is absolutely the most important piece of mind you need to have these days. How are you ever going to know what is being reported about you if you do not have a current copy of your Score Report. Maybe you are applying for some type of loan and find out to your surprise that you do not have the score you really should have to get the best interest rates. I am going to give the top reasons why you should get a copy every 60 to 90 days. It is to most peoples surprise when they are told NO in regards to the following, or maybe someone someone stole your identity and you never knew about it. Here are the top reasons.

1. To get that new "Dream Job".

2. To get the low interest rate credit card

3. New Car

4. Identity Theft Protection

5. New House

6. Keep your current rates low on existing cards

7. Discover inaccuracies on your Report

8. Because you were denied credit

9. Piece of Mind

10. An educated consumer saves money.

The previous list mentioned is so important because all of these items are part of our every day lives. If you are not on top of your Free Score Report, you may not have gotten that new "Dream Job". Most employers are now pulling your credit report to determine if you are a responsible person. Your Report will say a lot about your personal life. If you have a history of not paying your bills, your new employer may assume you do not show up to work on time. A Report says a lot about an individual, and that is why most establishments are pulling your in-file. There is talk also about medical facilities pulling your credit with their scoring system to determine the likelihood of you paying back your medical bills. Read more at Dallas Morning News. No matter what you do, or how cleaver we thing we think we are, they will find out your Credit Score.

Identity Theft is also another huge reason to have a current copy. Every 3 seconds someone gets there personal information violated. Once this happens to you it is a major on taken to get cleaned up. All of this could have been avoided if you had monitoring of your Report set up. Believe me I see this all the time with clients of mine, someone stop there credit and they had no idea. I think this article pretty much covers why you should not delay anymore. Get your Free Score Report today with monitoring.

Source by Mike Clover

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