Debt Relief – Looking For A Way To Stop Credit Card Temptation

I have always found that when I talk to people who are in debt one of their main issues is that they can not live without the credit card temptation that is in there wallet or purse! That credit card temptation is when you can not resist that pair of shoes or buying a nice jumper off that funky new website your friends have told you about. Well I have a solution to help people with this …

Freeze your cards! Now this is something that many people find a strange idea of ​​mine but I have to say it really helps people who are wanting to reduce their debt and have more money. The temptation to get your card out and pay is one that will vanish if the card is not there.

I understand that having a card in an emergency is something that can save you from all sorts of situations, so if you feel the need to have a card to hand (or just available) give this a try, get an old Tupperware pot and fill it with water then drop the card in it and put on the lid, make sure the card is face down so you can not see the number. The next part really is freezing your assets, put the pot in the freezer.

You think I am mad do not you? Well think of it this way you now have a card there if you really really need it, but if you feel a spur of the moment spend come on, you need to thaw the card out first rather than be able to just do it. While the card is thawing out you have time to think if you really need the item or not! (does it make sense now?)

This is, I know, an extreme measure to stop you spending more on your credit card but I can honestly say that if you are willing to go along a little with the weird and wonderful methods then you will succeed and as a way to stop credit card temptation, this works!

Source by Steven Turner

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