How to Easily Raise Your Credit Score Higher Than You Thought Possible!

Sometimes some people really struggle with the idea of ​​raising their credit score. To be honest there are many tips and tricks to raise it, but not everyone is in the "know" in regards to what these techniques are. There are certainly certain steps you will need to take in order to get it to the next tier, but one thing I will tell you is that once you have the knowledge, your credit score will skyrocket in a very quick amount of time.

One thing that holds back many people is that they have all their credit tied up. This is a big piece of the pie that many people do not understand. If you have a credit card and have it maxed out at 5 thousand dollars, you have zero credit available. Now if you paid half of that off, you immediately have 50% more credit available and that alone will raise your credit score.

If you are like some people though, and have many different accounts and many different things affecting your credit, your best bet is to grab a free copy of your own credit report online so that you can go through it with a highlighter to really assess what you will need to change in order to raise your score.

Another good reason to get a free credit report is because if there are any errors on the report, you can have them disputed and removed very quickly which will also dramatically increase your score. Credit reporting errors actually held back a small majority of people who otherwise would have excellent credit. Do not let something this small keep you from having A + credit!

Source by Marc Sumner

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