Credit Aid Versus Credit Repair

There are two basic forms of credit assistance services which although similar different in a number of fundamental ways. The first is what is reported to as credit repair, this service is typically offered to attempt to go back through your credit report and remove items that are detrimental to your credit score. The service types for this very and some companies are more trustworthy than others. Another service is credit aid, this is a more general assistance in how your credit report works and how you can best keep your credit score high, or raise your score if your score is currently too low.

Credit aid does not make the promise of repairing all items on your report, although this can be achieved under certain circumstances if the items are invalid and a dispute is justified. But further than simply removing the old items from the report which may be detrimental to your credit more importantly it is a consultation service which provides you with the information you need to understand how to best improve the nature of your report and improve your overall score.

Typically this includes topics such as budgeting in order to make all of your payments on time, strategies to keep your bills in order and to remember to pay them back as they need to be .. Also you will have assistance in understanding what factors affect your credit more than others and what strategies you should employ to increase your credit score. As we said the difference between repairing your credit and getting paid for your credit is that eight is a more general way of saying assistance for your credit score.

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