Got bad Credit?

MPI Credit specializes in assisting consumers with inaccurate or outdated derogatory items that appear on their credit profile — such as collections, judgments, high balances — that have been paid or satisfied but are NOT represented on the credit profile. MPI Credit allows positive credit changes to be provided directly to the repositories. The credit repository files can be updated and a new report can be issued showing the corrected (improved) credit scores.

As a leader in providing credit solutions to the public since 2003, MPI Credit has emerged as one of the premier credit re-scoring firms in the country. Our innovative technology and experienced professional staff provides dedication and support designed to assist our clientele meet the challenges of the ever-changing credit industry.
Since the founding of MPI Credit in January 1998, we have refocused our capabilities and are better able to serve the impaired credit market. As the demand for credit restoration has surged, so has the demand for our services. Our Firm has hired new employees and expanded our staff in order to meet the growing popularity of our program. With increased staff, we have been able to support more clientele, further develop our technology, and expand our core business domestically. These are benefits that will greatly enhance the service that is provided to our clientele. MPI Credit is committed to assisting its clients, who include retail and mortgage bankers, Realtor and public clientele. Minotaur Partners helps them achieve profitable growth by providing a wide range of comprehensive and innovative credit restoration solutions. Combining traditional values such as integrity, accountability, and dedication with cutting-edge technology, we provide our clients with time-tested solutions and services. This commitment, along with uncompromising attention to client service, as well as the dedication of senior management and staff, has earned MPI Credit the reputation of being a responsive and service-oriented firm. Commitment to our clients and our tradition of excellence is a guiding principle at MPI Credit. Our experience in the industry has given us a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources that are complemented by a culture that is stable and flexible all essential qualities for cultivation innovation. Part of that culture is to employ the best people and empower them to channel their skills in the most productive manner, and to create focused teams capable of contributing to our success.
Since its inception as a small credit restoration company in 1998, the development of MPI Credit has followed a carefully charted course. Based on the core philosophy of building well-defined businesses focused on serving the needs of the public, MPI Credit steady expansion in the years since then has been firmly rooted in the recognition of a clearly defined strategy for the company.

Minotaur Partners Inc. went on to define itself by fusing strict regulatory compliance with innovative credit improvement solutions.

Initially working out of a small office, Minotaur Partners Inc. quickly grew, and is now operating in several states. As the Internet boomed Minotaur Partners Inc. was the first to establish a comprehensive credit resource online.

Rather than rely on high-pressure sales tactics, MPI chose a strategy rooted in the belief that consumers should be given full disclosure about the process and encouraged to make informed decisions on their own.

As demand for credit information surged, so did demand for its service. And expanded its staff in order to meet the growing popularity of its program.

More than a decade later Minotaur is still reshaping the industry it founded through innovative credit report repair solutions and exemplary client service.

Minotaur attributes its success to cultural ethics and guidelines which every team member is asked to observe. First, remain innovative. Employees are encouraged and empowered to test new methods and ideas, even if these ultimately fail.

Second, the workplace is an arena for personal growth. Paralegals, as well as attorneys, are asked to attend seminars focusing on self-improvement. Individuals are expected to carry the values and experiences from these seminars back into the workplace.

Finally, provide outstanding client service. While Minotaur’s quality and scope of client service remains unrivaled in the industry, the firm continues to develop new ways for improving its services based directly on client and visitor feedback.

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