Secret Tip # 1

First of all you need to know the significance of time – these days, there are a lot of people who really love so much wealth yet they like to get it in a very short span of time and will stop if it takes too long, in the middle of the journey. In the Philippines there are so many who love to bet on sweepstakes, lottery for the jackpot, because you will be able to get millions of Pesos or cash price in an instant if you win on that bet, it does not need hard work. There are also those employees everywhere who would like to be promoted to the highest position even if s / he does not give everything to get that position, and in such a short time. There are also the sales marketers who loves to sell on such high capital because they hope that they'll make such outrageous profit income on one or two sales.

Unfortunately, to become rich will never work like that. A lot of lotto winners had been bankrupt due to their unwwise habit of spending, which is to much and not necessary. While those employees who keeps on wishing that highest possible rank in the company immediately will keep on dreaming, because there's a need to act for your dreams. The salesman will eventually close his business after sometime because his or her services or products are too high for the competition. Always bear in mind, earning money will take time, same is true with your dream of becoming wealthy.

Always value your time because its a very effective tool – IF you're younger the better, because you'll have more opportunity in building your wealth. If you've got less time then you'll probably be able to build wealth in less time, however, you still can! Being very patient with building of your wealth, with working hard, you'll be very amazed of the collected money even only after 2 years because it will grow and increase exponentially.

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