Second Round (Part 1 of 3)

“Second Round” was shot in San Francisco in November 2004 by the students in the film department at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco: This film won three Film Festival awards and was made before “Million Dollar Baby”; “Cinderella Man” or any other of the boxing movies we have seen since. The director and producer took out personal credit card loans to make this (I am not allowed say how much but it was a quiet a large loan). The apartment scenes in this film were build by students and housed in the Academy’s film studio. This is one of my favorite films I worked on, check out the Golden Gate Bridge scene, it is so cool how they shot that. We knew at the time and said it that if they could raise more finance and complete the film as a full length feature it would be a huge success (it is in three parts and runs over 25 minutes long). The film’s score is original and is a truly amazing score.

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